Patrick Swan, horticulturist, consultant, tutor and garden designer
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Arley hall, Cheshire
England's oldest herbaceous borders
Arley's roses restored
Walsingham Abbey snowdrops
Ericaceous and water garden

Arley hall, Cheshire

England's oldest borders

Arley's roses restored

Walsingham Abbey

Ericaceous and water garden

Patrick Swan

Horticulturalist, Garden Management Consultant, Tutor, Garden Designer.

Our England is a garden and such gardens are not made by singing “Oh how beautiful” and sitting in the shade. - Rudyard Kipling

Owning a large garden should be one of the greatest privileges there is. All too often though what should be a pleasure can become a troublesome and expensive headache.

Patrick Swan, a highly qualified and experienced horticulturalist, has been successfully managing significant gardens since 1991. Using his extensive experience as a garden manager, restorer and garden designer Patrick can allow owners to unleash the full potential of their gardens in an efficient and sustainable way.

Professional, thoughtful and careful management of any garden, be it a smaller private, or large historic garden will ensure its long term enjoyment and viability.

Garden Management

The key to a successful garden. Skilful management will ensure you get the very best from your garden, aesthetically and with efficiency. Find out more...

Garden Design

A garden designed by a qualified and experienced horticulturalist differs in that it will carry with it attainable maintenance and genuine longevity, as well as colour and excitement. Find out more...

Garden Tutor

There is no substitute for having the correct skills and knowledge in place for getting a job done properly. Tutoring from someone who has many years real life experience in garden management will equip you or your staff with all that is needed to run a happy garden. Find out more...
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