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New rose garden creates a wow in its first year.

A new rose garden at Holland House has been creating quite a stir at this picturesque Worcestershire venue. Designed by Patrick Swan and planted in February of this year, it has quickly transformed what was a very lack lustre part of the garden into a colour and scent filled paradise.

Patrick, who was called in by the trustees of Holland House to restore these important gardens to their Edwardian former glory, quickly identified the rose garden as a key area for improvement. Forming a major part of his master plan for the whole garden, the new rose garden has now become one its most important features; not just for its aesthetics, but also as it now provides an invaluable extra facility for house guests.

Within the existing old and characterful yew hedges Patrick''s plan includes one hundred and twenty five roses which vary from the ancient Rosa gallica officinalis to the latest David Austin varieties; together with masses of herbaceous perennials. Dwarf box hedges surround the borders and modern steel obelisks double as gateways and climbing frames for climbing roses. Lavenders and perennial stocks add to the delicious scent. The whole effect is one of a dreamy Edwardian country garden; purposefully created to be a place to loose oneself in.

All the work was completed by Patrick and the gardens staff at Holland House, with the official champagne opening in July. The planting has established very quickly, partly due to the use of mycorrhizal fungi during planting. This works in symbiosis with the plant''s roots effectively increasing their spread. Even now in late autumn, the rose garden is still attracting visitors with its blend of structured formality and relaxed planting.

25/11/2013 22:59:22

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