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White winter in the garden.

Image for story - White winter in the garden. White winter in the garden.

Now is the time to interrogate your garden.

Here at Edgiock we are currently enjoying the white winter landscape, which throws up pleasures like sledging and great photo opportunities as well as challenges such as keeping new born calves warm and water troughs unfrozen.
Gardens can look spectacular in the snow, especially ones with topiary and a strong design. Winter is one of the the best times to asses the basic design of your garden. Now is the time to take a long hard look at fundamentals and architecture and ask questions of the garden that can only be properly answerd when stripped free of frothy flowers and foliage. Does the basic style of the garden suit the surrounding landscape and architecture? Does the layout of paths and borders work and do they encourage or hinder excitement and function? If formal, does everything line up properly as you would want it? Were there any irritations and problems with the basic functionality of the garden last summer?
It''''s these sort of questions which need to be asked now, whilst there is an opportunity to see the garden in the raw and when the weather preculdes much in the way of hands on work. It''''s all about identifying fundamental issues whilst there is time to do so and then getting resolutions to these under way before the onset of a busy spring.
Take a very critical walk around the garden this month and see how it can be made to work better for you all year round.

07/01/2010 13:21:03

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