Patrick Swan, horticulturist, consultant, tutor and garden designer
Writtle College Board of Governors

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Writtle alumnus, Patrick Swan, appointed to the Board of Governors of Writtle College

Many things can turn full circle, not least a career. Patrick, whos professional life in horticulture began as a student at Writtle College in 1987, has found himself back as this leading institution. This time though he passes through the doors as an advisor and consultant, rather than a rookie garden management student.

Since leaving Writtle, Patrick had dedicated the whole of his career to the management and development of fine and historic gardens, having been responsible for the care of important landscapes such as Walsingham Abbey and Arley Hall. Through this work he has built up a reputation as a leading heritage garden manager, and now also as a tutor.

Patrick returns to Writtle at an exciting time of development, following a Good Ofsted report and movement towards attaining taught degree awarding powers, which will allow the college to become a university in its own right. Patrick''s position on the Board will enable him to pass on some of his extensive experience in the horticulture industry, together with his strong desire to educate and enable a new generation of land based professionals. " I owe Writtle a great deal" said Patrick "without the learning and enthusiasm I received there I wouldn''t be where I am today. I want to ensure the future of this place, and therefore the future care of our horticulture and agriculture industries."

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